SpreadSheetSpace Co-Edit

Co-Edit supports the collaborative editing of spreadsheet.
The first distinctive features of SpreadSheetSpace, with respect to Cloud based document sharing systems is that SpreadSpeedSpace coordinates write access. To update a spreadsheet a user must first obtain exclusive write access, which prevents other users to make updates. Then, once completed the update, the user releases exclusive write access to make the spreadsheet available to the other users for updates.

The second distinctive feature of SpreadSheetSpace Co-Edit is that it relies on spreadsheet synchronization rather than on spreadsheet delocalization, i.e., users operate on private copies of the shared spreadsheet located in their servers and not on a shared copy located somewhere in the Cloud. SpreadSheetSpace takes care of synchronization among these copies. Keeping spreadsheets in protected servers instead of delocalizing them in the Cloud allows guaranteeing full confidentiality, which Cloud system cannot.

The third distinctive feature of SpreadSheetSpace Co-Edit is related to granularity. Users do not have to coedit whole spreadsheets whereas, they can coedit worksheets, ranges and tables. A user can have a worksheet which includes a table that another user sees in another spreadsheet and both users are allowed to read/update such a table at different times. SpreadheetSpace keeps the two spreadsheets “in sync” so that any update made to one of them immediately reflects on the other spreadsheet.


SpreadSheetSpace keeps the users'spreadsheets synchronized so that the users perceive the presence of a single shared spreadsheet.

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