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Sync supports Real Time Data Analysis and Self Service Business Intelligence by giving MS Excel users the possibility to connect to dynamic data source, i.e., to data sources that expose data evolving over time. Any information system or ERP can use the SpreadSheetSpace connector to expose internal tables to MS Excel users, who can import such tables in their spreadsheets. The additional value, with respect to the typical data extraction in Excel format, is that by importing an exposed table a MS Excel user creates a channel between the spreadsheet and the data source, in such a way that when a new version appears the update automatically appears in the user spreadsheet.

Engineers, managers and executives can hook to information systems, appropriately authenticated and authorized, to have the latest view of the tables of their interest in their spreadsheets. That is Real Time Communication. In addition, SpreadSheetSpace records all the data versions in such a way to allow MS Excel users to navigate over the version history. Through SpreadSheetSpace a MS Excel user can apply the spreadsheet analyses, charts and reports to the past to see the business evolution.

How Sync works:

Let us make an example:
Alice performs her Business Intelligence activity using MS Excel, for that reason she needs to ask her colleague Charlie, that works on the IT department, to perform an extraction of the desired data from the company's information system. Such data are dynamic by definition and evolve over time. Instead of keep asking Charlie to perform new extractions, Alice uses the SpreadSheetSpace Sync functionality to import a View of the information system's table directly on her worksheet. All in one single click.

Each time the table will be updated on the information system, Alice will receive the new version directly on her worksheet. SpreadSheetSpace manages the synchronization between Alice's worksheet and the company's information system, it also maintains historical records of the various table versions. Alice will then be able to browse and navigate among the received table versions and she can evaluate how her business evolves over time.

No more periodical extractions of the same table, no more errors due to people working on obsolete data, no more copy-paste, temporary files, email messages, but just a Single Version of the Truth, direct spreadsheet synchronization with the company's information system, automatic/manual update, one click operation.


SpreadSheetSpace keeps the users'spreadsheets synchronized so that the users perceive the presence of a single shared spreadsheet.

SpreadSheetSpace Sync is a secure service that allows companies and institutions to expose corporate data or open data to Excel users (employees, customers, public) and to maintain the Excel user’s spreadsheets constantly synchronized with the exposed data.

The SpreadSheetSpace Software Development Kit gives you access to all SpreadSheetSpace's tools and services so that you can embed them into your own application.

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